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Transport of parcels between individuals

The future of cheap, fast and green parcel shipping

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How it works

Look for a trip, contact the traveler, meet to exchange the parcel, then the traveler will contact you arrived at the destination and it's done!

Icone Search for a trip

Search for a trip

Look for a quick, simple route and your request is taken into account.

Icone Choose a carrier

Choose a carrier

Find members who make the journey to transport your object.

Icone Delivered package

Delivered package

Your parcel is delivered, leave a notice on your messenger and add it to your contacts.

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Sea freight

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Icone Economic


Send your parcels at a lower cost and make your travels more profitable nationally or internationally.

Icone Fast


Get in touch immediately with thousands of members. Your packages arrive at their destination and are delivered within 24 hours.

Icone Secured


Member profiles are verified and validated upon registration. Notices received after transactions.

Icone User-friendly


User-friendliness is at the heart of our dynamic community, which continues to grow.

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You are..


Provide service and amortize expenses related to your travel (airfare, stay, airport tax).

Become a player in a system of collaborative economics useful to the diaspora.

Help reduce the carbon footprint of international parcel transport.


Your packages are delivered for a low price within 24 hours.

Eliminate unnecessary and unnecessary travel to the airport by connecting with a traveler via KakoExpress.

Strengthen the social bond within diasporas. Finally, it is green and secure for all.

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