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How it works


The sender addresses to find another individual, (a traveler) interested in carrying a package, mail or furniture, at a specified address.
1. Register and search travelers by indicating the city or country of departure and destination of the parcel.
2. Choose from travelers who will go to that destination.
3. discuss the details via messaging or by phone.


The traveler still has room in his luggage and who agrees to transport your object for a fee.
1. Sign up, post an ad and specify the date, the cities or country of departure and destination of your travel.
2. You are contacted by one or more senders with whom you will discuss methods of sending.
3. Carry the package by charging a reasonable fee.


The traveler has the possibility to propose and negotiate a price with the sender. For this reason, we propose the following price schedule:
- Document: 5€
- item of 0-3 kg: 10€
- 4-6 kg: 20€
- 7-20 kg: from 30€ to 100€
- Above 20kg: 120€


Some of us have experienced the difficulty of sending a document, an electronic device, clothing, perfume abroad, ignoring the fact that a person of the same district, city or country would be willing to carry our items ... Also, we will surely know a person or friend waiting in an airport hoping to meet the person who would agree to transport its items ... Finally, the postal service are very expensive, KakoExpress offers an effective alternative through a sharing community.


Organizing the routing is not always easy, and for the sake of security, transparency and trust, KakoExpress now makes available to the kakonauts the first version of a contract relative to the transport of parcels between individuals, to which it is strongly recommended To subscribe. It will enable the 2 interested parties to gather all the information necessary for the safe delivery of the package.
The transport of parcels between individuals is a recent form of service, not yet framed by the Law in several countries, and therefore involving risks including loss, damage or theft. This contract is a first step towards KakoExpress's goal of minimizing risks as much as possible and ensuring them. To help us do this, our dear kakonauts can start by consulting this contract and executing it. It will allow both parties to negotiate and follow the routing of parcels with more seriousness, clarity and tranquility.

We take this opportunity to remind you that at the moment KakoExpress is not liable for any loss, damage or theft on the package, because we do not intervene in the transactions that our members operate.

KakoExpress IN FEW WORDS

  • Economy : the sender has the option of sending the parcel for free or at a low cost and the traveler can finance its journey.
  • Speed : Users can at any time and instantly find an person for their queries as a traveler or sender. Thus allowing to avoid the costs of traditional delivery services.
  • Ecology : less unique travelers, fuel and pollution. And more ecology.
  • Conviviality/Solidarity: Conviviality is required, exchanges should be done with the desire to help each other through a sharing attitude and a less impersonal service.


  • KakoExpress declines any responsibility for non-delivery or defective delivery of an item.
  • KakoExpress has no control and can not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of the items listed on the site, or accuracy of the user's content. KakoExpress is not responsible for financial loss, goodwill, reputation, or other damages arising from the use or inability to use the site.
  • KakoExpress not involved in any way in determining the financial contribution that could be requested by the traveler.
  • KakoExpress wants to connect individuals, or where applicable of the associations.
  • All users must respect our terms and conditions. - The sender must provide the traveler maximum details on the object to be transported. - The traveler specifies what he can carry on the trip (such as height, weight and value etc ...).
  • We advocate the withdrawal of parcels at the airport immediately at the arrival of the traveler to avoid any problems and reduce risk of loss of the parcel.

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